Atopic dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema (AD, atopic eczema) is a type of dermatitis that is not clear.

Symptoms are similar to those of any dermatitis. Infant and adult mechanisms are different. Most infants come from food, but the mechanism is different from common food allergic dermatitis. If they are not treated when they are infants, they are traced through an allergy march.

Most food allergies in infants are derived from milk, beans, peanuts, flour, and eggs, and isolation from them alleviates most of the atopic dermatitis. In addition to these allergens, proteins for the breeding of other species such as strawberries, kiwi, brown rice, red beans, and various seeds and mothers have high-quality proteins that cause rejection in human babies that are not species. It is easy to understand in terms of common sense of nature. Completely cooked rice is not a good source of nutrition for adults, but paradoxically, it does not respond to babies suffering from atopic dermatitis, and red cow and pig red. Wheat is a problem because it has a protein called gluten. It is a serious problem that some oriental medicine do not give the patient the meat and recommend miso.

As mentioned above, when milk powder is fed, generalized aggravation of symptoms due to milk is common. In the case of breastfeeding, it is common for allergen to be delivered through maternal milk. The above foods should be completely avoided by the mother, symptoms improve in about a week and usually a month to be completely healed. It is easy to suspect that the mother's eating will have a bad influence on the infant, but if you give it, it is easy to suspect that there is a famous Dutch TV airing movie in which the adult man easily senses the asparagus incense in breast milk the day after the mother eats the asparagus. As is widely known, asparagus does not have a strong flavor and aroma.

In the experimental environment, there are many reports that mites in the house have a bad influence, but in the opposite direction, it is proved by the Amish people in the United States that close proximity to livestock rarely causes infant and child allergies. However, it is important to note that living in a ranch environment is different from putting dogs and cats together in a residential space.

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Causes of atopic dermatitis
1) Obese people.
2) If you have family history.
3) When there is an immunological factor.
4) If you live in a temperate, dry area of ​​the Han River.
5) When exposed to wool, man-made fibers, soap, detergent, perfume, dust, sand or the like.


Symptoms of atopic dermatitis
1) Eczema and rash with itching have occurred.
2) Wound infection caused by scratching may occur.
3) Scratches, pus-covered pustules occur.
4) There is a fading phenomenon that the skin becomes thick.
5) Dryness, cataracts, keratoconus, keratosis, and palms have a lot of residue.