Korean Genome Project

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Korean Genome Project (KGP)


KGP is the largest Korean Genome Project in Korea which supports currently 10,000 human genome sequencing in Korea.

KGP was originated from the national initiative of sequencing the reference Korean and whole population genomes in 2006 by KOBIC, KRIBB and NCSRD, KRISS, Daejeon in Korea. 

From 2009, KGP was supported by Genome Research Founation and TheragenEtex to build the variome of Koreans as well as KOREF (the Korean Reference Genome).

From 2014, KGP has been supported by UNIST, Clinomics, and Ulsan City, Ulsan, Korea. 


KGP consortium

The final Goal: sequencing ~85,000,000 Koreans. I.e, every Korean on Earth.

Status: 38 openly available sequences.